Tough Guys and Drama Queens + Moms Returning to the Workplace + Caring for Aging Parents

[amazon asin=0849947294&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Mark Gregston, author of Tough Guys and Drama Queens
How not to get blindsided by your child’s teen years
Issues: What’s so different about today’s culture? Parenting practices to avoid; parenting practices that really work; accepting that perfection is impossible; why conflict is the precursor to change.

[amazon asin=0767922425&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Monica Samuels, coauthor of Comeback Moms.
How to leave work, raise children, and restart your career even if you haven’t had a job in years.
Issues: What to do when you’re ready to leave work to be a full-time mom; how to maintain contacts while away from the job, how to execute a successful reentry into the workforce; getting through this life-changing process and coming out ahead.

[amazon asin=140275857X&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Hugh Delehanty, coauthor of Caring for Your Parents.
Practical advice you can trust.
Issues: Starting a meaningful conversation about potentially awkward subjects; locating healthcare; potential sources of conflict between siblings; the importance of caring for the caregiver.

Creating Extraordinary Relationships + Family, Inc. + Family-Friendly Work + Part-Time Careers

[amazon asin=0373892381&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 1: Phyllis Koch-Sheras and Peter Sheras, coauthors of Lifelong Love

Topic: Creating and maintaining an extraordinary relationship.

Issues: The 4-step “Couple Power” program that’s based on a dramatic shift in the way in which relationships are viewed—where the couple is seen as an entity in and of itself, greater than the sum of its individual parts.

[amazon asin=1585429422&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 2: Andrew Friedman, coauthor of Family, Inc. .

Topic: Office-inspired solutions to reduce the chaos in your home and save your sanity.

Issues: How workplace skills and systems like regular meetings, budget setting, long-term planning, and employee evaluations can help you create a stress-free home.

[amazon asin=1564149447&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 3: Lori Long, author of The Parent’s Guide to Family-Friendly Work.

Topic: Finding the balance between employment and enjoyment.

Issues: How to target family-friendly careers and jobs; evaluating the family-friendly claims of your current employer; negotiating alternate work arrangements; strategies for stay-at-home parents wanting to return to the workplace.

[amazon asin=0976058901&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 4: Karen Steede Terry, author of Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career.

Topic: More mothers are opting for part-time work over full-time.

Issues: Lunching a flexible business that fits your life, feeds your family, and fuels your brain; how to transition from full-time to part time or to consulting; the benefits of opening your own business.

The hidden costs of breastfeeding

WASHINGTON, DC, April 26, 2012 — Pediatricians and other breastfeeding advocates often encourage
new mothers to breastfeed their babies for at least the first six months of their infants’ lives based on the purported health benefits to both mothers and children. Many breastfeeding proponents also argue that
breastfeeding has financial advantages over formula-feeding—breastfeeding is free, they say. But,
according to a new study, the notion that there’s no cost associated with breastfeeding for the
recommended amount of time is patently untrue.
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