Becoming a Dad Made Me a Responsible Driver

becoming a new dad made me a better driverThere’s nothing like becoming a parent to make you rethink your priorities. In this guest post for, I reminisce about how having kids made me a better driver.  A lot better, Real the full article here.



The Daddy of Male Parenting Gurus — The Times of London profiles… me!

The Daddy of Male Parenting Gurus

Armin Brott is to fathers what Heidi Murkoff is to mothers – but it’s still women who buy his books

Do men read or need baby books? The unequivocal answer seems to be “yes”. But according to Armin Brott, America’s most successful male parenting guru, who has the greatest share of this burgeoning market, men don’t rush out and fill their book shelves in quite the same way as expectant mothers.

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