Opening the Door to Men’s Health

Are men and women really that different? OK, how about if I drop the rhetoric, forget the biology and ask it again? Yup, still true, especially when it comes to medical care. [Read more…]

Weight Loss? There May Be a Pill for That

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight has wished they could pop a pill and be done with the whole thing. And we have no doubt that whoever invents that pill will make billions. Over the years, there have been a few drugs that helped with weight management, but in most cases, the side-effects were […]

Money, Tea, Dental Floss, and a Full Head of Hair: Keys to Health?

What do dental floss, a full head of hair, money, and tea have in common? Not much, except that they’re all linked to better health outcomes for men. Here’s a brief overview of some fascinating new research. Some people won’t take care of themselves because they should. But according to new research, if you throw […]

Overweight men: If you want to slim down, ditch the girls and hang out with the guys

Men who want to lose weight shed twice the pounds in guy-only groups than they do in co-ed and female-dominated groups. Turns out that men are just as uncomfortable discussing their body as women are.

My entire post on this topic is at the Talking Men’s Health Blog. You should read it here.


Leanwashing: Healthy food myths, the jellybean rule, and more

We’ve all seen the commercials: Athletic shoes that tone your butt, junk food that’s billed as “whole grain” or “contains more calcium than a glass of milk,” diet systems that promise you an athlete’s body by just popping a few pills. The list goes on and on. And people keep snapping up these and other products looking for a quick fix. If you had just landed on Earth from another planet and all you had to go on was advertising, you’d think that we were the fittest, healthiest people in the Universe. But as we all know, we may very well be the unhealthiest and unfitteset people in the Universe.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome? Ha! Video games may give you six pack abs!

I know, it sounds absurd, doesn’t it? But after spending hours and hours playing Kinect/xbox with my daughter, there’s no question in my mind that some video games can give you a hell of a workout. But what I’m talking about isn’t so much the games themselves but the mindset that gamers and bodybuilders share: The ability to maintain laser-like focus for long periods of time, to identify problems, and create methodical plans to overcome them. In other words, as the creators of put it, the addiction that games create is the exact same addiction that can drive fitness efforts every day.

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