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More Fascinating D-scoveries (about Vitamin D)

It seems like every day there’s more interesting news about the benefits of vitamin D. Here are a few of the most recent: We’ve all physically overdone it at some point—say, by lifting more than you should have, running or biking or swimming furt…

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More Reasons to Get a (Vitamin) D in Nutrition

A few months ago we talked about how Vitamin D affects our health in so many ways—and how the many problems a D deficiency can cause or exacerbate. And the list goes on… Researchers from Salvador, Brazil found that “Vitamin D deficiency is as…

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Soak Up The Sun To Keep Away Diabetes

As if winter blues weren’t reason enough to seek out the sun, it appears that there is one more excuse to take that beach vacation you’ve been contemplating for a while. On a serious note though, adequate levels of vitamin D...

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