Myth of the Spoiled Child

Alfie Kohn, author of The Myth of the Spoiled Child
Challenging the conventional wisdom about children and parenting
Issues: Parents are accused of being permissive and overprotective, unwilling to set limits and afraid to let their kids fail. At the same time, young people are described as entitled and narcissistic. But there is no scientific evidence at all to support these claims.

Reinventing Your Shopping Strategy + Best American Products for Kids + Narcissism Epidemic

[amazon asin=080072206X&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Kasey Knight Trenum, author of Couponing for the Rest of Us.
: A not-so-extreme guide to saving more.
Issues: Where to find coupons for what your family eats; how to reinvent your shopping strategy, how to make grocery shopping less stressful–and even fun.

[amazon asin=B005IUY2RY&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Bruce Wolk, author of Made Here, Baby!
Finding the best American-made products for kids
Issues: Family businesses, green companies, minority- and women-owned businesses; how small manufacturers get distribution; why buying American products can help assure us of quality and safety.

[amazon asin=1416575995&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Jean Twenge, author of The Narcissism Epidemic.
Living in the age of entitlement
Issues: The characteristics of narcissism; how narcissistic values such as materialism, vanity, and entitlement have spread to the culture at large; the real costs of narcissism in the workplace, relationships, school, and everywhere else.