Teaching Children to Floss

My parents were (and still are) flossing fanatics so I learned how to floss not long after my first teeth came in (okay, that may not be quite accurate, but I was definitely very little). In this guest post, Jon Engle, shares some helpful strategies that moms and dads everywhere can use to get the kiddies to get into the flossing habit early.

Great oral health care habits are things that should be taught from a very young age so children can continue to use them throughout their lives in order to maintain great oral health.  While teaching proper techniques will take plenty of time and patience, it is a lifelong lesson which will benefit them throughout their entire life.  Most children begin to show an interest in brushing their teeth at a young age because they see their parents brushing their teeth so often and want to develop the independence of being able to brush their own teeth instead of having them brushed for them.  Oddly enough, this is usually not the case for flossing.  Properly using dental floss will require much more one-on-one teaching in order to assure the child will develop the habit young.

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Yet another example of how divorce affects kids

This sounds like something out of a bad movie plot, but apparently it’s true.  A 12-year old boy in Brisbane, Australia was having such a hard time coping with his parents’ divorce that he tried to kill his new stepmother by lacing her toothpaste with peanuts in an attempt to trigger a deadly allergic reaction. Fortunately, the stepmum found the peanuts before they did any harm.

According to court documents,  there was “an element of “attention seeking” in his behavior.” Gee, ya think?

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