Save Time and Money + Be a Parent not a Friend + From Parenting Chaos to Harmony

[amazon asin=0800721446&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Mary Hunt, author of Cheaper, Better, Faster
The best advice you’ve ever heard to save time and money every day.
Issues: How to make everyday life less hectic and more enjoyable.

[amazon asin=0785228101&template=thumbnail&chan=default]E.D. Hill, author of I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Parent
Helping your children set the boundaries they need…and really want
Issues: Why manners is job one and the concept of  “dressing for success” is not dead.

[amazon asin=0415989345&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Theresa Kellam, author of The Parent Survival Guide
From chaos to harmony in ten weeks or less.
Issues: Making a loving connection, finding windows into your child’s inner world, speaking the language of play, promoting your child’s emotional maturity.

To Have A Second Child… Or Not

My wife wants to have another child, but I’m not sure I’m ready. The first one keeps us so busy already that we barely have time for the both of us. I love being a father, and my wife loves being a mother, but I feel like that is our only identity – parents. Adding another child to the mix will only take more time away from us as a couple. What should I do?

For a lot of couples, the question about whether to have another child isn’t really a question, it’s a given. For others, though, the issue is more complicated. And most of the problems have to do with exactly what you’re going through in your home: one spouse wants a second (or third) child while the other isn’t nearly as excited about the prospect. Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution to this problem.
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Screen time: Limiting TV and computer games without going overboard

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife has recently begun to worry that our kids spend too much time in front of the TV, computer, and video games. While I agree that it’s too much, I remember watching loads of television as a kid, and I turned out okay. Is all the hype about “screen time” really something to be concerned about?

A: This topic reminds me of the pickle so many baby boomer parents are in when talking about premarital sex or smoking marijuana—how can I tell my kids not to do the things I did when I was their age? My parents weren’t big TV watchers, but I could hardly wait for them to go out for the evening so I could settle into a comfortable evening of Batman, Superman, The Three Stooges, and a lot more. So why worry about our kids doing the same? Well, there are two issues here: content and time.

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