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Acing Competitive Admissions + Eating Disorders + College Tuition Sticker Shock

Guest 1: Kim Palacios, author of . Topic: Strategies for success at any level of competitive admissions. Issues:Three things all schoo0ls want; two questions you must be able to answer; crafting your story; the role of social media; application fraud and cheating; admissions consultants. Guest 2: Johana Marie McShane, coauthor of . Topic: Understanding your loved one’s eating disorder and how you can help. Issues:Why what seems to family and friends as bizarre, irrational behavior […]

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Exercising Caution

Dear Mr. Dad, I was changing my two year old daughter’s diaper after she’d come home from spending the day with her father (he and I are not together). She was touching herself and I told her to stop because her hands were...

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Call in the Professionals. Now.

Dear Mr. Dad: My six-year-old son is behaving aggressively. Just yesterday, he was suspended from school for two days because he poked another child in the eye with a pencil. Fortunately, the other kid wasn’t seriously injured....

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