Infertility Can Be Deadly

Infertility isn’t something that most guys think a lot about–especially since hundreds of studies have shown that on average, being a dad is good for men. It often makes us more mature, more tolerant of others, gives us a chance to be a kid again, makes us cut back on irresponsible behavior that might land us in jail, often gets us to pay a little more attention to our health, and for some men, it gives life meaning. But what about not being a dad—whether by choice or because of a medical issue? Turns out that infertility has some extremely negative side effects for men.
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Is It Nuts to Want to Live to 100?

How many times have you ever said something like, “I’d give my left nut to [fill in the blank with something you really, really want…]”?  Of course you didn’t really mean that—and if you were suddenly presented with whatever it was that you wanted, you’d try to find another way to pay for it.

So here’s another question. Would you really give your left nut to be able to live to 100? Would you give them both?  A new study done in Korea suggests that men without testicles outlived men with a full sac by 14-19 years.
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