Top Five Newborn Tests and Procedures That Are Overused

Overuse and waste are a persistent and significant problem in the United States health care system, accounting for roughly a third of all health care spending. In fact, the cost of overtreatments, or treatments that don’t help the patient, were estimated at between $158 billion and $226 billion in 2011. In a special report in the August 2015 Pediatrics, “Choosing Wisely in Newborn Medicine: Five Opportunities to Increase Value,” published online July 20, an expert panel analyzed a national survey of over 1,000 newborn medicine providers to identify five areas of overuse. These included routine uses of anti-reflux medications, antibiotic therapy beyond 48 hours, pneumograms (breathing studies), daily chest radiographs and term-equivalent brain MRIs. A review of research found that two of the five items may cause harm—anti-reflux medications and antibiotics beyond 48 hours. Report authors conclude that this top five list will apply variably to different hospitals and physicians, but they are hopeful that the health care community will increasingly focus on identifying and eliminating their own low value practices.

Pregnancy Fraud: The Latest Scam

It’s entirely possible that I simply don’t understand women. Actually, it’s more than just possible—it’s almost certain. But can someone explain why some women feel the need to entrap men into relationships. One time-honored approach is for the woman to convince the guy that she’s pregnant. The hope is that he’ll be a stand-up guy […]