What makes digital dads tick

Think you’re tech savvy–savvier than a 16-year old? How is technology helping–or hurting–your kids? Are you using technology to connect with other parents? See whether you’re a “digital dad” or just an “average Joe” in this very nicely put together infographic from Euro RSCG Worldwide.

Technology For Toddlers

My husband recently bought a computer for our 18-month old daughter. I think he’s nuts, but he says that it’s never too early to get kids computer literate. I’m concerned that pushing computer literacy at this age will put too much pressure on our child, making her feel like she has to be an over achiever. Is he right or should we wait?

You and your husband have stumbled into one of the 21st century’s parenting hot spots. A lot of parents have some legitimate questions about the sensibility and worthwhileness (and even the danger) of starting kids on computers and/or computerized toys at such an early age. Unfortunately, making the right decision-assuming there is such a thing-is nearly impossible, given the heated debate among academics, software designers, and advocacy groups.
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Ever try to take an iPhone or iPad away from a child?

My 8-year old, like most of her peers, has been channeling the ghost of Steve Jobs and somehow instinctively knows how to do amazing things with my iPhone. But when I sheepishly ask to get my phone back–say, to make a call or something silly like that–it’s like trying to pry a half-eaten gazelle from a pack of hyenas.

If any of this sounds familiar (and if it doesn’t, it will soon), you’ll enjoy this article from Gizmodo.

Need help getting the kids outside?

So Zoe and I rode our bikes to a movie theater last weekend to see “The Lorax.” When we came out, my bike had been stolen. Aside from being extremely inconvenient, that suddenly made it harder for me to get Zoe to spend time doing physical stuff outside.

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