Women with skin cancer do better than men — and it’s not estrogen

A new study found that men with skin cancer are 30% more likely to die or have a recurrence than women. Researchers thought that estrogen might have a protective effect. But the reasons are more complicated. You should check out my article on the  Talking About Men’s Health blog, here.



Caring for a wife with breast cancer takes a heavy toll on men’s health

Men who care for a wife with breast cancer have weaker immune systems, and more physical symptoms, such as headaches and abdominal pain, than did men whose wives had remained disease-free. And the higher the stress levels, the worse the effect on men, according to a new study done at Ohio State University.

Just to be clear: this is not to suggest that men shouldn’t care for their wives. The point is that it’s important to recognize that caregivers spend so much time focusing on the people they’re caring for that they don’t pay any attention to themselves. And the results—whether the caregiver is a man or a woman—can be devastating.
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Samantha Feuss on Talking About Men’s Health!

Those of you who know me know that in addition to my books, I teach, write a nationally syndicated newspaper column, and produce/host a radio show that airs on 500+ stations. Because 6 hours of sleep/night seemed overly self indulgent, I recently took over as managing editor of a cool blog, Talking About Men’s Health — talkingaboutmenshealth.com. One of the first things I did was invite Sam Feuss (of Have Sippy Will Travel fame) to write some articles for me. Sam’s debut piece–an interview with fitness guru Franklin Antoian–is now on the homepage.

You can read the whole article here.

And if you’re interested in doing some writing on men’s health, let me know.