Have Something to Say About Men’s Health? We Want to Hear It!

I manage and edit a popular men’s health blog, Talking About Men’s Health (talkingaboutmenshealth.com) and am looking for guest bloggers.

My definition of “men’s health” is pretty broad, and includes lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, policy, mental health, physical health, relationships, etc. Pretty much anything as long as it deals with men. We even have pieces aimed at women who are looking for ways to help or better understand men–and for men on how to better understand women.

Please check out the blog and let me know if you’re up for a guest post, a series, or even a regular gig. And feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

This week on Talking About Men’s Health

Lots of informative, educational, and all-around excellent articles on men’s health this week

I wrote articles on birth control for men, the increased stroke risk in men whose parents divorced, and how antioxidants can improve men’s fertility .

We’ve also got posts by a lot of great contributors on the importance of wearing sunglasses, deciding on whether HGH is right for you, the body’s role in addiction, making informed decisions about surgery vs radiation for prostate cancer, and what insisting that boys sit quietly at their desks is a terrible idea.

Check out all these and more at Talking About Men’s Health.

And if you’re interested in contributing to the blog, let me know!

Great Posts on Men’s Health

If you’re looking for a great source of information on men’s health–lifestyle, physical and mental health, policy, and more–be sure to check out Talking About Men’s Health, the blog I edit.

I’ve got two on the home page now–one on mail-order drugs and why you shouldn’t even think about ordering any, another one young men’s attitudes about health. You’ll find links on the next page.

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Guys: Sex vs. Hair. You may not be able to have both

In a recent study, 96 percent of men who took Propecia in their battle against baldness ended up with severe sexual side effects (erectile dysfunction, impotence, shrunken genitals) more than a year after they started taking the drugs.

Pretty scary stuff. You’ll want to read my longer post on this on the Talking About Men’s Health blog, here.

Suffer from ED, depression, or diabetes? A good night’s sleep might do the trick

If you’ve got sleep apnea, listen up. Three new studies have found a link between sleep apnea–a common but potentially dangerous condition that interrupts nighttime breathing–depression, diabetes, and erectile dysfunctions.

But the good news is that treating sleep apnea symptoms not only will help you sleep better, it may also reduce symptoms of depression and carb cravings, and it’ll improve your sex life too.

Read my article on this on the Talking About Men’s Health blog here.


Looking for a way to reduce heart attack and stroke risk? Try donating blood.

For most of us, donating blood is a pretty selfless act that could save the life of a someone you’ve never met. But now, it turns out, that the life you save might be your own. At least that’s according to a new study published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Read the rest of my post on this at the Talking About Men’s Health blog here: