The Science of Human Development + Talent Code + Marriage in the US

[amazon asin=0465029825&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Jerome Kagan, author of The Human Spark.
The science of human development.
Issues: Why claims of the impact of attachment are based on misinterpreted research; the intertwined development of language and morality; the limited effects of childhood on later life; the role that culture and historical era play in an individual’s development of traits.

[amazon asin=055380684X&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code
Topic: Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.
Issues: The three elements of the talent code: deep practice, ignition, and master coaching; How to identify and encourage deep practice; motivational tools used by the worlds greatest teachers and motivators; how to recognize a growing skill

[amazon asin=0307386384&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Andrew Cherlin, author of The Marriage-Go-Round
Topic: The state of marriage and the family in America Today
Issues: Why religious Americans have a higher divorce rate than non-religious ones; the battle over same-sex marriages; why government support of marriage (over $100 million spent per year!) doesn’t produce the desired results.

Some shameless gushing–but not about myself

My amazingly talented daughter, Tirzah, just finished her junior year at Bard College in upstate New York (Annandale-on-Hudson, for all you Steely Dan fans). She’s a photography major, and over the past year produced a wonderful body of work. Okay, I’ll admit to being  a little biased, but once you take a look at her online portfolio, I’m sure you’ll agree. You’ll just have to take my word that she’s also delightful, smart, funny, and beautiful. Am I sounding enough like a proud dad?

Here’s a link to Tirzah’s portfolio.