Stupid parent tricks in England: more outrageous punishments for minor offenses

An 11-year old boy raided the family fridge. Big deal–I’d be amazed if an 11-year old didn’t raid the fridge. But for his parents, that simple act was so bad that they made him spend every night in a tiny jail-cell of a room–concrete walls and floor, no windows (the only one had been bricked up), a bare bulb for light, and a ratty mattress and sleeping bag for warmth.

Apparently there was a starvation element, too. Doctors who examined the boy after his rescue said he was underweight and anemic.


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Should have thought of that before you decided to break into that house

Yet another page in the constantly growing Stupid Parent Tricks file…

This time, a couple in West Virginia decided to leave their three children alone in the middle of the night while they went a few blocks down the street and stole a neighbor’s water heater and copper pipes. According to the couple, they were planning to sell the stolen property for scrap. So now mom and pop are facing two counts of burglary and three of child endangerment. Does not having taken your children along on your crime spree offset having left them alone? Hmm.

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