Kids, Duct Tape, Plastic Boxes—All In a Day’s Work for the Newest Stupid Parent Tricks Winners

A loving mom and dad in Ohio just lost their three children—5, 6, and 8—after they forced them into plastic boxes, which they then sealed with duct tape. And in some kind of odd way to try to demonstrate that they really are good parents, dad James Allen Taylor and stepmother Samantha Marie Taylor cut holes in the tops of the boxes so the kids could breathe.

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Another case of “I abandoned my kids so I could get drunk”

Sean and Courtney before their big night out

A Georgia couple wasn’t going to let their 6-day old baby and toddler get in the way of their party plans. Sean Grussing , 23, and his girlfriend, Courtney Tench, 18 (yes, 18) decided to get drunk with their friends and, I guess, couldn’t get a baby sitter. So they did what any self-respecting brain-dead parents would do and just left the kids alone.

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Another argument for the notion that parents should be licensed

Jackie Farah of Bowling Green, KY, left 19 children—aged 8 months to 14 years—alone and unsupervised for a week. Without food or air conditioning. Farah was arrested and charged with criminal abuse (14 counts) and wanton endangerment (5 counts). Jackie’s husband and the father of some of the children (no one is sure how many or which kids, exactly, belong to which parent), Joe Smith.

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Parents leave 2 kids bound, blindfolded in Wal-Mart lot

It was a quiet week for those of us who are constantly on the prowl for stories about the nutsy things parents do with their kids. But then along comes this one, which restores my faith in humanity. Or, rather, my faith in humanity’s never-ending ability to outdo itself in the “are-they-out-of-their-freakin’-minds?” department.

A customer at a Wal-Mart in Lawrence Kansas, alerted the police to a young boy, tied up and blindfolded, outside a Chevy Suburban in the parking lot. When the cops got there, they found not just one, but two kids bound and blindfolded–the boy and a 7-year old girl. Oh, and there were three other kids, ages 12, 13, and 15, inside the car as well.

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Punishment for tardiness? How ’bout public humiliation?

Seems to me that there are consequences in place for being late in high school. Your grades get dinged, you have detention,  and more. So why does a parent in Eugene, Oregon feel that he has to subject his son to public humiliation to make his point?

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Even more stupid parent tricks from England

Not to be outdone by the couple who locked their 11-year old in a cell for a year, a couple in South Wales locked their 3-year old in a cell-like room with no heat and no lighting. Oh, and it was snowing outside too.

When police arrived and liberated the boy, they found him covered in feces and just hours from death. The officer who rescued him, said “His eyes rolled to the back of his head with his breathing shallow, he was ice cold and lifeless.”

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