Sperm Stories, Part I

No one is quite sure why, but over the past few decades, there has been a major decline in the quality of men’s semen (the fluid that contains the sperm) and fertility rates throughout the industrialized world. As you might expect, there’s no shortage of theories, explanations, and proposed solutions. In this article, we’ll look […]

Stressing about Low Sperm Count? That Might Just Be Causing the Problem

We all know that stress isn’t good for us. And if asked, we could probably do a pretty fair job of rattling off why: it increases your heart attack risk, can cause problems in at work and in your personal relationships, can lead to depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Now we can add one more: […]

Birth control for men? We’re getting closer…

Until now, men who are concerned with unwanted pregnancy (and that, contrary to stereotype, would be just about all men) have had two basic options: vasectomy and condoms. But that may be changing soon.

Researchers are now investigating a gel that, when applied to a man’s skin, drastically lowers his sperm count. That also lowers the risk for pregnancy (but, unfortunately, doesn’t eliminate it completely).

Christina Wang, a professor at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute created the gel from combination of testosterone and another compound called Nestorone.
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Love your guy? Stop calling him (and feeding him) sugar

Honey, Sugar, Sweetie, Deceased–all words that might be applied to guys who drink 6.5 sugared beverages/week. Men who knocked down that many sugared drinks (which, by the way, were not limited to soda. Lemonade and fruit drinks count too) had a 20% higher risk of having a heart attack than men who refrained from all that liquid sweetness.

Than’s per researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health

Oh, and women are in just as much danger from this as men. Maybe more.

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The Sperm Project

The signs that your partner is getting ready to nest may be as subtle as an earth quake. Suddenly babies are being put into your arms at every family function with everyone making chirping sounds about what a good father you would make. Books with baby-making tips and parenting advice may have found its way into your bathroom reading basket,.  You may have even found  “The Top 100 Baby Names” in your email inbox.  One thing is for sure, when your lady is ready to make a baby – you will know it.

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