Motherhood, Fatherhood, and the Changing Landscape of Parenthood

Heather Flett, coauthor of The Rookie Mom’s Handbook.
Motherhood, fatherhood, the changing landscape of parenthood.
Issues: How motherhood has changed over the last 10 years; the mom blogging community; resources for new moms; the importance of letting the dad do things his way; the role of social media in creating communities of moms.

Helping Kids Through Tween Transitions

Michelle Icard, author of Middle School Makeover.
: Improving the way you and your child experience the middle school years.
Issues: Helping your kid through real middle school problems, including social media, questions about sex, mean girls (and boys), and fitting in, dealing with bullies, fashion, peer pressure, dating, independence, and more.

How Much is Too Much + Deleting Cyberbullying

David Bredehoft, co-author of How Much is Too Much?
Topic: Raising responsible, likeable, respectful children in an age of overindulgence.
Issues: The three types of overindulgence (too much stuff, not enough boundaries, helping when it’s not needed); the damage that overindulgence causes; how parents can break their overindulgence habits; dealing with others (like grandparents) who overindulge.

Justin Patchin, co-author of Words Wound.
Topic: Delete cyberbullying and make kindness go viral.
Issues: What is cyberbullying and how common is it? bullying in person vs. online? the consequences of cyberbullying; what to do if you’re being cyberbullied; how to start standing up instead of standing by; building a culture of kindness.

Divorced? Better Stay Away from Social Media

Social media is being used for just about everything these days, from keeping up with friends and family and reporting breaking news, to getting insights into the inner workings of school shooters’ mind and vetting job applicants. Well, now we can add determining custody in divorce cases.
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3 Ways Social Media Can Help You Succeed in Classes

What? Social media can help kids succeed in class? Well, if the kids in question are in college, there’s a good chance there’s a better-than-even chance that they’re using social media all the time anyway, so all we can do is show them how to put their social media chops to good use. In this guest post, educator Justin Miller shows us how.

It might seem counterintuitive—social media actually improving your grades and and music skills?—but is doesn’t have to be. Social media outlets can be wildly effective tools for planning parties, but these networks can also be helpful when it comes to acing the hands-on components of your courses, particularly when it comes to music. There are some uses you might not even expect.

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What do social media and condoms have in common?

At first glance, not a whole lot. But the two may be a lot more related that you might think.

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest celebrated National Condom Week (who would have thought…) by distributing condoms at a number of colleges and universities in Washington state. Oh, but these weren’t regular condoms. Not at all. These condoms were barcoded and when scanned by a user’s (or partner’s) smartphone, would upload them to a mobile website. Sounds like a comedy routine, doesn’t it? But you can’t make this stuff up.
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