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A Guide to Dating and Sex for Teen Boys + Digital Mystique

Interviews with Andrew Smiler, author of Dating and Sex, about everything teen boys need to know about dating and sex; and Sarah Granger, author of The Digital Mystique, about how the culture of connectivity can empower your life—online and off.

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Recipe for Lifelong Intimacy + In Her Own Sweet Time

This week, I interview Barb DePree, author of “Yes You Can,” about keeping your sex life active as you age. I also interview Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, author of “In Her Own Sweet Time,” about the new frontier in assisted reproductive technology.

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Expecting Anxiety

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m 34 and my wife is just a few weeks away from giving birth to our first baby. I’m excited about becoming a dad, but my anxiety levels over the past week have been through the roof and sometimes I feel like...

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Sex During Pregnancy

Q: Help! I’m an expectant father and something’s happening to my libido. I used to be one of those guys who loved to have sex anytime. But now that my wife is pregnant, I’ve completely lost interest. What’s...

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