There’s Nothing Magical about Losing Weight

Dear Mr. Dad: The statistics on childhood obesity and all the associated health risks seem to get worse every day. I know I shouldn’t admit it, but banning all sugar and junk food from our diet is just not going to work in our family. Short of that, aren’t there some simpler things we can do to reduce the chances that our children will become fat?

A: I understand your point about the impracticality of trying to completely give up sugar and junk food. But it almost sounds like you’re looking for a magic pill that will immunize your kids from putting on too much weight. Sad to say, there isn’t anything like that. Yet. I’m sure scientists around the world are frantically working towards a diet pill like that, because whoever gets there first will make billions. That said, there are some relatively simple, non-magical things you can do to reduce your children’s obesity risk.
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