Is the family bed a cure for obesity?

News about obesity is everywhere. And researchers are scrambling to find out why kids (and adults) become obese. Is it too many video games and not enough time spent outside? Household income? Education? Parents’ marital status? How many friends a child has? Depression and anxiety? The answers to all of those is: Could be. So here’s one more interesting twist: kids who sleep in their parents’ bed are less likely to be obese that those who don’t.

A child sits on the gym floor during the Shapedown program for overweight adolescents and children in Aurora, Colo.

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Finding Day Care

My wife and I are shopping around for day care. How can we tell if the facility will offer the proper care? Are there qualifications and credentials I should look for to make sure our child is safe and well cared for?

Finding a quality daycare center or provider can be incredibly stressful. Here are just a few things to look for in a day-care center:
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