How to Build a Better Teacher

Elizabeth Green, author of Build a Better Teacher.
How teaching works and how to teach it to everyone.
Issues: Everyone agrees that a great teacher can have an enormous impact. But is it simply a matter of natural charisma, or can it be taught to millions of people who make up the American teaching workforce?

Stop Summer Learning Loss + The Science of Building Character

Sharman Johnston, early childhood and education expert.
How to stop summer learning loss.
Issues: On average, teachers have to spend 4-8 weeks at the beginning of the school year re-teaching material from the previous year that the children have forgotten; how socioeconomic level affects how much knowledge a child loses over the summer.

Giacomo Bono, co-author of Making Grateful Kids.
The science of building character.
Issues: Understanding what gratitude is and why it’s important; the surprising ways being grateful affects us; practical strategies for fostering an attitude of gratitude in your home and life.

Camp Galileo 2014 Locations

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PRE-K – 4th GRADE Peninsula Camps

  • Belmont: Central Elementary School
  • Hillsborough Crystal Springs: Crystal Springs Uplands School
  • Hillsborough North: North School
  • Los Altos: Almond Elementary School
  • Menlo Park: Oak Knoll School
  • Palo Alto: Walter Hays Elementary School
  • San Carlos: Arundel Elementary School
  • Woodside: Woodside School

East Bay Camps

  • Alameda: Saint Philip Neri Catholic School
  • Berkeley: Cragmont Elementary School
  • Danville: Green Valley Elementary School
  • Fremont Ardenwood: Ardenwood Elementary School
  • Fremont Mission: Gomes Elementary School
  • Lafayette: Stanley Middle School
  • Oakland: Chabot Elementary School
  • San Ramon: Country Club Elementary School
  • Walnut Creek: Walnut Acres Elementary School

South Bay Camps

  • Cupertino: St. Joseph of Cupertino School
  • San Jose Almaden: Los Alamitos Elementary School
  • San Jose Evergreen: James F. Smith Elementary School
  • Saratoga: Saint Andrew’s Episcopal School
  • Sunnyvale: Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale: St. Martin Location

San Francisco & Marin Camps

  • San Francisco North: Presidio Middle School
  • San Francisco South: Brandeis Hillel Day School
  • Tiburon: Del Mar Middle School


Peninsula Camps

  • Hillsborough: Crystal Springs Uplands School
  • Los Altos: Santa Rita Elementary School
  • Palo Alto: Palo Alto High School
  • San Carlos: Arundel Elementary School

East Bay Camps

  • Berkeley: Cragmont Elementary School
  • Fremont: Gomes Elementary School
  • Lafayette: Stanley Middle School
  • Oakland: Claremont Middle School

South Bay Camps

  • San Jose Almaden: Los Alamitos Elementary School
  • San Jose Evergreen: James F. Smith Elementary
  • Saratoga: Sacred Heart School
  • Sunnyvale: Resurrection Catholic School

San Francisco & Marin Camps

  • San Francisco: Brandeis Hillel Day School
  • Tiburon: Bel Aire School

Why Reading is so Great

[amazon asin=014312160X&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook.
Helping children become avid readers.
Issues: How reading aloud awakens children’s imagination and improves language skills; the rewards and importance of reading aloud to kids; the latest research about reading–including the good and bad news about digital learning.

Pregnancy Myths + Manipulative Kids + Overcoming School Anxiety

[amazon asin=1594204756&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Emily Oster, author of Expecting Better.
Why the conventional pregnancy wisdom is wrong–and what you really need to know.
Issues: Why it’s fine to have an occasional glass of wine; don’t worry about sushi–but wear gloves when you’re gardening; worry about gaining too little weight, not too much; why pregnancy nausea is a good sign; having a doula can decrease the chance of needing a C-section.

[amazon asin=0399535268&template=thumbleft&chan=default]David Swanson, author of Help–My Kid Is Driving Me Crazy.
How kids manipulate their parents.
Issues: Why kids manipulate; Learning to recognize 17 distinct types of manipulate and what you need to do to disarm them.

[amazon asin=0814474462&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Diana Peters Meyer, author of Overcoming School Anxiety.
Getting kids ready for school.
Issues: How to help your child deal with separation, tests, homework, bullies, math phobia, and other worries; telling the difference between normal start-of-school jitters and anxiety that warrants a call to the specialists.

Sleep Deprivation and Its Effect on Bad Behavior

Dear Mr. Dad: In one of your recent columns you talked about how sleep deprivation can affect women’s fertility. During the summer, my kids get plenty of sleep, but during the school year they’re almost always tired. What are the effects of sleep deprivation on children?

A: There’s no question that sleep deprivation is bad for adults. Besides affecting fertility, is also increases the risk of depression, anxiety, diabetes, cardiac problem, and car accidents (about 100,000/year are caused by drowsy drivers), and decreases our ability to fight off infection. The effects on children are just as bad. Two new studies underscore just how important sleep is by showing how the lack of it influences children’s behavior and food choices.
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