The Perfect Summer Road Trip

summer road tripThe open road is a great way to see the country. Once school’s out, it’s a perfect time to hit the road and enjoy some good old fashioned family quality time. From planned adventures such as hikes and river rafting, to getting off the beaten path and experiencing some local flavor, road trips can offer a unique travel experience. Be prepared with all the basics such as snacks, road entertainment, convenient technology, and basic safety supplies. And before you hit the road, check your tires’ tread condition and air pressure to help secure a smooth ride along the way.

Here are a few things you won’t want to leave behind:

1. Snacks

While driving long hours in the car, a variety of snacks can help pass the time. But don’t reach for the traditional road trip foods like beef jerky, chips, and sodas that can leave everyone in a slump. Instead, pack some energizing, nutritious snacks. Load up on natural granola bars, sliced fruit, nuts, and sliced veggies such as baby carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers and grape tomatoes.

2. Road Trip Apps

Avoid the typical road trip complications such as getting lost or wandering around in search of the cheapest gas prices. There are road trip apps galore available to make your trip go as smooth as possible. Download apps like Glympse, which automatically relays your GPS location to family and friends back at home. Your information will be sent only to pre-determined contacts in your phone book, for select windows of time—making it easy to keep your eyes on the road. Apps are also available for GPS, finding the best gas prices nearby, identifying landmarks, and beyond!

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Empty Nest Road Trip + Digital Privacy under Attack

[amazon asin=B00AB0XRCW&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 1: Bruce Sallan, author of The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues .
Topic: Taking a child to college—from the dad’s point of view.
Issues: An 8-day, 3000-mile father-son trip to talk about life, the future, and the past.

[amazon asin=1588168581&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Guest 2: Davin Coburn, author of Who’s Spying on You?.
Topic: The looming threat to your privacy, identity, and family in the digital age.
Issues: How to prevent every move from being tracked on your smartphone; which phones offer the most protection; how avoiding EZpass, Zigbee wireless devices , and Android phones can help protect privacy; how to keep medical and pharmaceutical records private and avoid identity theft; warning signs of hacking or compromised security.