In It for the Long Haul

Suitcases come in different shapes and sizes, but the best ones are the kind you pack up and go on a trip with. Here are some of our top picks for family (or solo) travel. Tarmac AWD 22 (Eagle Creek) This well-built carry-on-size bag comes with a ton of extras, including sturdy, 360-degree dynamic wheels […]

Learning with Your Kids? There’s an App for That

As fun—and educational—as iPads can be, when it comes to parents playing learning games with their children (as opposed to kids playing by themselves and turning into zombies), there really isn’t an app for that. Until now. TigerFace Games has developed a number of learning apps that allow parents and children to either compete or […]

Superhero Toys

In a recent article on, Kevin Feige—the man behind just about every Marvel comics movie released over the past decade—says that Marvel has movies planned out until 2021. If you’re a kid (or someone who still loves comic book characters and adventure movies), that’s great news. If you’re a parent, that might be less-than-great […]

Getting Kids Thinking and Exploring

One of our favorite brands for educational-yet-still-truly-fun toys is Educational Insights. As parents, we marvel at how creative and well-thought-out EI’s products are—and we enjoy all the “ah-ha” and teachable moments they elicit. But we also love how engaged they keep the kids, and how much fun the youngsters are having when they’re playing (and […]

Cooking with Kids

 Unlike other chores, helping out in the kitchen is something most kids really enjoy. Helping them get a good, basic knowledge of cooking, kitchen skills, and know-how, is a something that will definitely help them later in life. But in the short-term, it’s a great way to create some lifelong memories—and some pretty tasty meals. […]

Camping with Kids, Part 2

Last week, we talked about some tents and sleeping bags. But if you’re really going to go camping, you’ll need more than that to make a successful adventure. Here are a few more of our favorite take-alongs. Lights Since camping typically involves an overnight, it’s important to think about how you’re going to get around […]