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Seal of Approval Winners, Holidays 2012

Seal of Approval winners, Holidays 2012 PREGNANCY AND INFANCY Connect Internet Baby Camera Set (Summer Infant) Summer Infant has a new set of monitors, all optimized for local and remote viewing. The Connect monitor is easy to...

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Seal of Approval Winners, Spring 2012

Seal of Approval Winners, March 2012   PREGNANCY AND INFANCY Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox (Fun Stuff 4 Babies) One of the few baby shower gifts (besides my books, The Expectant Father and The New Father) created for the...

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Seal of Approval Winners, Holidays 2011*

PREGNANCY AND INFANCY Belly Banter (SlickSugar) Getting dad involved in the pregnancy is always a challenge. He’s usually a worried bystander without much of a role. Photography is one area where he is usually active,...

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Seal of Approval Winners, Fall 2011*

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Rollors (Rollors) Tired of croquet and other oldfashioned lawn games? Well, give Rollors a try. Created by an Air Force veteran while stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, this game is something of a combination...

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Seal of Approval Winners, Spring 2011

Pocket Referee (Vraney, Inc.) We love the Pocket Referee. It’s a very simple, very low-tech solution to one of the worst parts of being a parent: having to continually play King Solomon to children arguing over whose turn...

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