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Empty Nest Blues + Invasions of Privacy + Asthma and Allergies + Healing Childhood Epidemics

Interviews with Bruce Sallan, author of “The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues”; Davin Coburn, author of “Who’s Spying on You”; Robert Dietz, spokesman for the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology; Kenneth Bock, author of “Healing New Childhood Epidemics.”

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Privacy? Sorry, there’s no app for that

Think about all the apps you have on your phone, iPad, and anything else. And have you ever looked at—I mean really looked at—the privacy policy for those apps? Well, if you did, you’re certainly in the minority. I don’t...

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Hey, Would You Please Close the Door?

Dear Mr. Dad. This is a little touchy but here goes. I have two sons ages 11 and 9. My oldest seems overly shy when it comes to changing clothes in front of other guys. My golfing buddy (whose kids are the same age as mine) and...

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The Public Nature of Pregnancy

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife is pregnant with our first child, and complete strangers keep coming up to rub her belly. She seems pretty okay with iit, but it’s driving me nuts. What can I do? A: As intensely private as pregnancy is, it...

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