More Deadly Differences: Who’s the Weaker Sex?

When we talk about male-female disparities in lifespan, we’re generally referring to the diseases and conditions that kill adult men and women: cancers, heart attacks, diabetes, and so on. If the discussion health disparities between male and female children and adolescents, the focus is usually on accidents and suicide—both of which end the lives of […]

Why Does U.S. Life Expectancy Lag Behind Other Countries?

If you look at the raw data on life expectancy at birth in industrialized countries, you’ll notice right away that Americans are pretty close to the bottom of the pile. And while life expectancy in the US has increased over time, we haven’t kept pace with other high-income countries. The fact that Americans live shorter […]

Your Lifespan. Not the Kind of Thing You Want to Talk about Sitting Down

watching tvTwo just-published studies have found that the more time you spend on your duff, the shorter and less-healthy your life will be. Even if you log plenty of hours at the gym.

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