Stereotypes 101, Part II: Women Prefer Big Men with Deeper Voices (and Men Prefer the Opposite in Women)

Okay, we’ve established that women find men with heavy stubble most attractive and men with full beards as the most masculine and best-suited for fatherhood. Since you’re going to be shaving less, consider spending all that free time working on dropping your voice an octave or two. Turns out that women prefer men with husky, […]

“I love all my children the same” and other lies we tell our kids

Anyone with more than one child has heard, “You don’t love me as much as my sister,” or something very much like it. And I’m guessing that most of us have responded with shock and answered, “Of course not, kiddo, I love all of you exactly the same.” I even went so far as to tell my then-youngest, who insisted that there wasn’t enough love to go around, a metaphorical story about a candle. “The flame is my love for your sister,” I explained–very proud of myself for was was going to be the definitive brilliant response.

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