Making Changes + Achieve the Extraordinary + Protect against Bullies

[amazon asin=B00AHF87QM&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Jeremy Dean, author of Making Habits, Breaking Habits
Why we do things why we don’t, and how to make any change stick
Issues: Where do bad habits come from? Why it can take weeks or months to create and implement new behaviors and weed out old ones; avoid frustration and learn to navigate habit-forming pitfalls and successfully build new, long-lasting practices.

[amazon asin=0385520557&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Bill Strickland, author of Make the Impossible Possible
One man’s crusade to inspire others to dream bigger and achieve the extraordinary.
Issues: A successful life is not something you simply pursue—it’s something that you create; how to stop going through the motions of living and how to savor each and every day; how the way we treat people and ourselves influences the kind of life we have.

[amazon asin=0470407018&template=thumbnail&chan=default]Allan Beane, author of Protect Your Child from Bullying
Advice to help recognize, prevent, and stop bullying before your child gets hurt.
Issues: Tell-tale signs that your child is being victimized; understanding the characteristics that make a child an easy target; how to give your child a solid foundation for dealing with bullying situations; why not to teach a child to physically retaliate against a bully.

Breaking away from Cults + Improve Eyesight Naturally + Power of Possible

[amazon asin=B008HAIWIW&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest: Steve Hassan, author of Freedom of Mind.
Topic: Helping loved ones leave controlling people, cults, and beliefs.
Issues: Evaluating the situation; what all cults have in common; understanding the tactics used by cults to recruit and retain members; communicating with a cult member; planning and holding interventions; and much more.

[amazon asin=1591792568&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 2: Meir Schneider, creator of the Natural Vision Improvement Kit.
Topic: Improving eyesight naturally.
Issues: Proven, non-surgical methods of improving eyesight; exercises to increase eye health; what accounts for the growing percentage of children who wear glasses; Meir Schneider’s inspirational story of overcoming blindness using these techniques.

[amazon asin=B0049P24A6&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 3: Auriela McCarthy, author of The Power of the Possible
Topic: How to stop being right and start being happy.
Issues: How to stop arguing over mundane issues like housework; using everyday stories from real people as a way to get you to rethink everything you believe about relationships and how to make them better.