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Unlocking the Teenage Brain + Debunking Myths about Only Children

Interviews with Eric Jensen, coauthor of “Turnaround Tools for the Teenage Brain,” about how to help underperforming students become lifelong learners; and Lauren Sandler, author of “One and Only,” about the freedom of having an only child—and the joy of being one.

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Having One Child: A Personal Choice

Dear Mr. Dad: People keep asking my husband and me when we’re going to have more children. The truth is we have one son and don’t plan to have any more. How should I handle these constant annoying inquires? A: Questions about...

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

Dear Mr. Dad: It seems like every time I turn on the TV, there are the Duggars, with their 19 children, and Octomom with 14. How many kids are too many? What’s your take on it? A: That’s a tough (and arbitrary) question, and the...

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