The High Cost of High School Dropouts

dropouts cost 1.8 billion/year in lost tax revenuesWe’ve all heard about how important education is, how much more money high-school grads make compared to dropouts, how much more than that people with bachelor’s degrees make, and so on up the educational ladder.  But it wasn’t until just last month that the federal government put two and two together and figured out that all that extra earning power could be taxed. The bottom line? High school dropouts cost us about $1.8 billion in lost tax revenues every year.

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The dark side of parenting–will it ever end? Probably not.

I don’t know why this kind of thing continues to amaze me…

New Jersey mother of seven, Patricia Krentcil, is facing child endangerment charges for allegedly taking her 5-year old daughter into a tanning booth. Krentcil, who, as you can see from the pictures, is a regular tanning salon customer, denies the charges. She says that her daughter got sunburned by being outside on an especially warm April Day (ever heard of sunscreen?) But the daughter, who was itching from the sunburn, told administrators at her school that she had been in the tanning booth with her mom.

'Tanning mom' Patricia Krentcil banned from over 60 tanning salons, says report

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The bully pulpit

This whole bullying thing is out of control. Every day thousands of kids in the US cut school because they’re afraid of bullies. Tens of thousands more are literally sick over it, with symptoms like stomach problems, anxiety, and depression, just to name a few. And some—you’ve probably read about the cases—have actually committed suicide.

Statistics on how many kids are bullied are hard to pin down for several reasons. First, it’s hard to define. Is teasing someone “bullying”? A kindergartener in New Jersey was the subject of a bullying investigation after he said that another child had cooties. To call that bullying diminishes the seriousness of the problem.
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