Kids Beyond Limits + 1001 Things to Love about the Military

Anat Baniel, author of Kids Beyond Limits.
Topic: Breakthrough results for children with autism, Asperger’s, brain damage, ADHD, and undiagnosed developmental delays.
Issues: The need to shift to connecting with the child rather than fixing him/her; nine steps to improve the child’s brain, which will produce remarkable—and sometimes immediate—results; harnessing the brain’s capacity to heal itself; how parents can incorporate the nine steps into everyday life.

Star Henderson, author of 1001 Things to Love about the Military and co-founder of Army Wife Network
Topic: A celebration of military life.
Issues: Obvious and not-so-obvious traditions, advantages and experiences military members, veterans and their families share. Includes resources military brats and their parents should know about, along with fun “You know you are a military brat when…” and “You know you are a military parent when…” lists.

Overcoming Psychological Injuries + Homefront United + Military Spouse Network + 11 Military Mompreneurs

Military One Click

[amazon asin=1594631204&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Guy Winch, author of Emotional First Aid.
Practical strategies for treating failure, rejection, guilt, and other psychological injuries
Issues: How to ease the sharp pain of rejection; how to stop the devastating ache of loneliness or disappointment of failure; how to recover from low-self-esteem or loss; how to deal with nagging guilt; much more

Homefront United NetworkAngela Caban, founder, Homefront United Network,

National Military Spouse NetworkSue Hoppin, founder, National Military Spouse Network,

MSB New MediaAdriana Domingos-Lupher, co-founder, MSB Net Media,

Dumbell FitnessChristina Bell Landry, owner, DumBell Fitness,

Daddy's Deployed Mommy's DeployedBridget Platt, CEO and founder, Daddy’s Deployed and Mommy’s Deployed,

Military One ClickJennifer Pilcher, founder and CEO,,

Powerhouse PlanningJessica Bertsch, president of Powerhouse Planning,

Women Veterans InteractiveGinger Miller, founder and CEO, Women Veterans Interactive,

Nomades CollectionChristy DeWitt, Sales Manager, Nomades,

R. RiveterKellie Dudley, R. Riveter,

LockNLoad JavaLori Churchhill, co-founder, Locknload Java,

My Military LifeWendy Polling, My Military Life/Military Life Radio,

The Military Spouse CoachKrista Wells, The Military Spouse Coach,

Science of Homework Problems + Helping Kids with Homework + Employment Programs for Military Spouses and Veterans

[amazon asin=061557680X&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 1: Kenneth Goldberg, author of The Homework Trap.
Topic: How to save the sanity of parents, students, and teachers.
Issues: The science behind homework difficulties; what homework looks like from the student’s perspective; understanding the reasons behind children’s homework problems; why the suggestions and solutions you’ve been offering may be doing more harm than good.

[amazon asin=098399000X&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 2: Neil McNerney, author of Home Work.
Topic: How to help your child without freaking out.
Issues: Recognizing your personal strengths (and weaknesses) and using harnessing them; identifying the individual ways your child deals with homework and other stressors; learning to use three powerful leadership techniques to help your child achieve success.

Guest 3: CAPT Brad Cooper, Executive Director of Joining Forces.
Topic: Employment programs for military spouses and veterans.
Issues: Ensuring the professional licenses will be accepted nationwide; job training for returning veterans; ensuring that high school AP coursework will be accepted even if the student transfers mid-year; and much more.

Military spouse of the year: And the winner is…. a dad!

A stay-at-home father of two has just received one of the highest civilian honors we can give: the 2012 Military Spouse of the Year from Military Spouse magazine. Jeremy Hilton, whose wife is in the Air Force, is the first man to ever receive the award.

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