Why You Should Go To Her OB Appointments

My pregnant wife has been bugging me to go to all her doctor’s appointments during her pregnancy. I want to be an involved dad, but I can’t see any real reason for me to go to the doctor with her. Can’t I just find out about being a new father, what our infant needs, how to raise children, and so on, by reading books for parents? Why should I go?

Most guys-unless they’re hypochondriacs-don’t really look forward to seeing a doctor. And seeing someone else’s is even farther down their list of fun ways to spend a few hours. But going to your wife’s medical appointments is really important, for a number of reasons.
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Excluded by Mom’s Obstetrician

I’m really excited about my wife’s pregnancy and started to go to the doctor’s appointments with her. But the doctor basically ignores me or gives me a silly looking smile. I want to stay involved, learn about how our baby is growing, and what to expect when our infant arrives, but I’m getting really angry. Is there anything else I can do?

For some expectant dads, the joys and excitement and anticipation they experience as the pregnancy progresses can be outweighed by the bitterness they feel at the way they’re treated by their partner’s doctors.

Sadly, most men who go to their wife’s OB appointments feel just like you do: as though they’re cute or novel or just annoying. And a big percentage of expectant dads complain that medical professionals-OBs, nurses, ultrasound technicians, and support staff-tend to treat them as though they’re little more than intruders or spectators and the wife is the only one worth dealing with. If they get talked to at all, it’s only to discuss the ways they can support their wives. The fact that the dad-to-be might have some specific and important needs, concerns, questions, worries, or anything of his own else rarely seems to occur to anyone.
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