When Men Suffer from “Women’s Diseases”

Many people know that although breast cancer is generally considered something that affects women, men can—and sometimes do—develop breast cancer too. But breast cancer isn’t the only “women’s disease” that affects men. Here are two more that most people don’t know about. Eating disorders. Even though we think of eating disorders as affecting only girls, […]

Men are just as likely to binge eat as women—but they rarely get treatment

Most of us have a tendency to think of eating disorders as something that affects only girls and women. The truth is that plenty of men have eating disorders. And when it comes to binge eating—which is associated with obesity, hypertension, depression, and many other symptoms—it turns out that men are just as likely as women to go on eating sprees.

Unfortunately, men have been largely left out of research on the topic. And because they’re left out of the research, they’re severely underrepresented in clinical trials for drugs and other treatments for those disorders.

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