Deadly Differences: Women and Men are NOT the Same

We all know that men live shorter, less-healthy lives than women. Part of the problem is that men’s and women’s bodies respond differently to the same condition. And far too often, those differences kill. The bottom line is that despite attempts to treat men and women the same way, we’re different. And those differences often […]

Do Blondes Have More Fun? Are Redheads Spunky?

Most people who have more than one child—or at least one sibling—have thought about the effects that birth order have on people. Older kids are supposedly more compliant and want to please, middle kids are the great negotiators, and so on. There’s almost always a grain of truth in every stereotype, but what about hair […]

The Recipe for Man Made Sperm

Stem cells rock. While the stock market tumbles, stem cell science is sizzling. I know, you’re thinking: what is he talking about? No diseases have been cured with new stem cell technologies. But, from what’s being discovered almost weekly now, I can tell you that male infertility is likely to be one of the earliest boxes ticked on the […]

Man 2.0—The Legacy of the Men’s Movement—Part II

The Leadership Splits: In 1991 the first International Men’s Conference was held in my hometown of Austin, Texas. Austin was also where Bill Moyer’s PBS documentary on Robert Bly, The Gathering of Men, was filmed and shown to huge critical and commercial success two years earlier. Austin was becoming ground zero for the men’s movement. […]

Addiction And Substance Abuse –The Chicken Or The Egg

Some individuals possess what are called concurrent disorders. Individuals with concurrent disorders possess both a mental health illness as well as an addiction.  Some individuals who are depressed drink to mask their depression. Conversely, many alcoholics become clinically depressed over time because alcohol is a depressant and it changes their brain chemistry to produce chronic […]

The Legacy of Men’s Movement

 Your teenage son just broke up with his first girlfriend.  He tells his buddies about it and here’s what is so different from previous generations of men: he feels absolutely free to ask them for support to get over it. He even sheds a few tears but not one of them makes fun of him […]