A Vision of the Future: Advances in Treating Eye Conditions, Part 2

In the first part of this article, we introduced five remarkable innovations for treating eye conditions. They included an implantable telescope for sufferers of macular degeneration, a glasses-worn computer that reads—and speaks—text for vision impaired or blind people. Here are the remaining five from the top ten list compiled by israel21c.org. Bionic lens. A prototype […]

A Vision of the Future: Advances in Treating Eye Conditions, Part 1

If you or anyone you know are visually disabled or have a medical condition of the eye, you’ll definitely want to know about some incredible scientific advances in treatment made by scientists in Israel. In this piece, we’ll discuss five of the top ten from an article on the website israel21c.org. In part 2, we’ll […]

Take a Deep Breath… New Tests Diagnose Cancer, Predict Obesity

For years, police departments around the world have been using breathalizer tests to determine a person’s blood alcohol levels. In the not-too-distant future, your doctor will be using similar breath testing to diagnose cancer and predict obesity. Scientists in Israel have produced a test that, with better-than-90 percent accuracy, can identify which patients with stomach […]

Micro Tactical Ground Robot

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Kudos to the Israeli Parliament for legislation banning underweight fashion models in advertising

As the father of three stunningly beautiful daughters who all are very body-image conscious, this story was a breath of fresh air.

The National Eating Disorders Association applauds Israel – and challenges the U.S. to take similar action – in legislatively addressing the damaging effects on youth of artificially altered photos that portray unrealistic and unattainable “ideal” body images.

The Knesset, the parliament of Israel, passed new legislation this week that bans the use of photographs of underweight models in advertising on billboards, in TV commercials and newspaper ads, etc. The law also requires that any advertisement where use has been made of a graphic editing program to reduce the size of the models must clearly disclose this fact.