Privacy? Sorry, there’s no app for that

Think about all the apps you have on your phone, iPad, and anything else. And have you ever looked at—I mean really looked at—the privacy policy for those apps? Well, if you did, you’re certainly in the minority. I don’t think I’ve ever read the fine print (or any of the print at all) on most privacy policies. I just check the box and move on. After all, what harm could come of it?  [Read more…]

Ever try to take an iPhone or iPad away from a child?

My 8-year old, like most of her peers, has been channeling the ghost of Steve Jobs and somehow instinctively knows how to do amazing things with my iPhone. But when I sheepishly ask to get my phone back–say, to make a call or something silly like that–it’s like trying to pry a half-eaten gazelle from a pack of hyenas.

If any of this sounds familiar (and if it doesn’t, it will soon), you’ll enjoy this article from Gizmodo.