Why Heat Beats Ice for Workout Recovery & Healing

Ice is to physical soreness like alcohol is to emotional ailments. People are quick to resort to it as a band-aid for pain or discomfort. Yet, just as a bottle of wine will only make a person feel better temporarily, ice is also a security blanket that doesn’t get to the root issues of healing. […]

Well, That’s about as Cool as It Gets …

Coca-Cola as just introduced a new bottle, this one made entirely of ice. Apparently they’re pouring purified water into molds that are shaped like their classic glass bottles at below-zero temperatures. Then, they fill the bottles with Coke. These new bottles are being market tested exclusively in Columbia—and whether we’ll be enjoying them here is anyone’s guess. Each bottle comes with a wide, red rubber band that protects the drinker’s hands from getting frostbitten.
On one hand, this is a really cool (ha!) innovation by Coke. But I do have a few questions.

  • Yes, having a bottle made of ice could eliminate recycling costs and reduce the number of bottles and cans in landfill. However, it’s going to cost someone—whether it’s bottlers or distributors—a lot more in refrigeration costs. I’m guessing it’s more expensive to keep something frozen solid than to just keep it cool.
  • How are people going to protect their furniture from ice bottles unintentionally left around the house after a party?
  • How’s this going to work in countries where it’s not safe for non-locals to drink the water. Now, bottled drinks are generally considered safe, but if the bottles themselves are made from less-than-okay water, won’t that contaminate whatever’s inside it?

It’s all fun and games–until someone dies

I’ve been reading about the new middle-school craze–the Choking Game, which involves strangling (one’s self or someone else). The goal is to produce the light-headed feeling that happens when oxygen to the brain is cut off and the “rush” that happens when the choke is released and the oxygen flows back in. As one who, over the course of many years in the martial arts, did plenty of choking (and was choked at least as often), I can say that there is a tiny bit of truth there–you do get a little light-headed before passing out, and you do get a rush when the blood comes back. But I was reminded of two movies that dealt with exactly the same search for a choke-induced high.

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