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The Dad’s Side of Assisted Reproduction + Raising Athletes + How to Help Others

Positive Parenting interviews with Matthew Miller, author of “Maybe Baby,” Karen Ronney, author of “Proud Parents Guide to Raising Athletic, Balanced, and Coordinated Kids,” and Joe Gurkoff, coauthor of “How Can I Help?”

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Homework — Is It Your Child’s or Yours?

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m an involved dad and I often help my kids with their homework. Sometimes, in the interests of speeding things along, I give them the answers. Over the past year, both kids (11 and 9) are coming to me more and...

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Hey, I Don’t Like Doing Chores Either

Dear Mr. Dad: Our 12-year-old refuses to do any chores. Anytime we ask him to help around the house, he always finds an excuse not to. Sometimes he even says he doesn’t feel like cleaning up after himself. My husband says we...

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