End Bullying + Safety vs. Panic + Adolescents and Risk

Carrie Goldman, author of Bullied.
Topic: What every parent, teacher, and kid needs to know about ending the cycle of fear.
Issues: Eye-opening stats on the prevalence of bullying; the harmful effects of bullying on the brain; creating a home environment that produces neither bullies nor victims; why typical school anti-bullying/zero tolerance policies do more harm than good.

Paula Statman, author of Raising Careful, Confident Kids in a Crazy World.Topic: Teaching kids to be safe and strong.
Issues: Striking a healthy balance between safety and panic; turning nice kids into safe kids; why scare tactics don’t work; what parents and kids need to know about sex offenders; much more.

Michael Ungar, author of Too Safe for Their Own Good.
Topic: How risk and responsibility help teens thrive.
Issues: Adolescents are safer now than at any time in history—why are we overly protecting them? How bubble-wrapping kids stunts their healthy growth and puts them at harm; the benefits of experiencing manageable amounts of danger.

Gun Control? Sure, But Let’s Be Reasonable

Dear Mr. Dad: My 8-year old boy loves to play soldiers with his friends using squirt guns. But I got a call from a mom saying that she wouldn’t let her son play with mine as long as we have guns in the house. I was speechless. Squirt guns? Really? What’s your take?

A: You may be speechless, but I’m outraged. How someone can put “guns in the house” and “squirt gun” in the same sentence is beyond me. I completely understand people’s worries about guns and violence, particularly in the aftermath of recent school shootings, but we’ve gone completely overboard—and I’m not just saying that because I’m a former Marine. Let me give you a few recent examples of well-meaning gun control run amok.

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