If you really love me you’ll help me light this meth pipe

Two parents in Moxee, Washington were arrested after their teenage ward told police she’d used meth at least five times with her mom.

The mom, Kimberly Olson, apparently didn’t see anything wrong with that and, in fact, admitted to police that she’d even helped the girl light the pipe. How sweet. I guess she wanted to make sure she did it right.

The girl in question also claimed that her Kimberly and her husband, Christopher–also not the sharpest tool in the shed–gave Kimberly’s 13-year-old brother marijuana. They didn’t mention anything about starting the youngest sibling, age six, on drugs. But I’m sure it was only a matter of time. After all, every family needs an activity that everyone can participate in.

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New dads’ post-partum depression is real–and ridiculed

Although this article from the Guardian talks mostly about reaction in the UK to a study showing that new dads may get postpartum depression, I’ve come across many of the Neanderthal attitudes expressed here in my work with fathers in the U.S.

What is your response to learning that there is a treatable but often undiagnosed medical condition that could mean that a baby is significantly more likely to require medical intervention for speech and language development? What if research had found the same condition led to the child being vastly more likely to develop behavioural problems and peer relationship problems? What if it could be affecting one in 30 newborn babies, or about 25,000 children every year in the UK alone, while minimal efforts are made to intervene?

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