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Why Can’t They Be More Like Us?

Dear Mr. Dad: Some friends of ours have a very different parenting style than we do. They’re far more concerned with being their children’s friends than in being their parents. We like this couple as people, but my husband and I...

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Changing Friendships

Since I became a father, my wife and I haven’t been able to spend as much time with our friends as we used to. Some of them seem to understand that we’re new parents and our time is limited, but others don’t. They...

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When Friends Let Friends Down

Dear Mr. Dad: My eight-year old daughter’s best friend—a girl she’s known since kindergarten—just moved out of the area. My daughter doesn’t make friends very easily—she’s always had a small number of pretty intense...

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Oh What a Difference

Dear Mr. Dad: A Korean family has recently moved in next door and our 8-year-old son became friendly with their boy, who is the same age. However, he now says that he no longer wants to play with this child because he “looks...

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