Swordplay for Modern Self-Defense? More Likely Than You Think

swordfighting for fitness and healthIf you ask most people what the predominant weapon of today’s age is, the answer would likely be ‘the handgun’. They’re right, of course; since about the 17th century we’ve moved away from using swords, daggers, and assorted other close-combat weapons in any meaningful capacity. Sure, they still float around in people’s houses, or you might learn some sword arts in a kenjutsu dojo if you’re lucky, but you generally don’t expect melee weapons training to come in handy on the street should (Heaven forbid) someone attack you, right? Not necessarily true. If you have a collection of historical replica swords, you might as well learn to use them. [Read more…]

How Much Exercise Do We Really Need?

Over the years, we’ve done a number of posts on this blog about how much exercise we (and our children) should be getting. The general consensus is at least 30 minutes every day (or a total of 150 minutes per week). Unfortunately, about 80% of us aren’t coming anywhere near that target. So, in what […]

Tri-ing too Hard Could Kill You

Whether you’re working out for hours or you’re just doing mini workouts, there’s no question that exercise is good for you. But, according to cardiologist, there may actually be a point where too much exercise becomes dangerous—especially for men 40 and older who are competing in triathlons. The biggest risk is sudden cardiac arrest, which […]

Dr. David Samadi on the Dangers of Excessive Weight

Being overweight poses a very real health risk and should be an issue taken seriously by everyone. As a general guideline a person’s waistline should be their height (in inches) divided by 2, and should be less than 35″ for women and 40″ for men. Visceral fat, the fat located deep inside the abdomen, can […]

The Politics of Men’s Fitness

It’s well known that being in good physical shape has amazing health benefits. But a recent study has found that men who are strong (especially in the upper body) are more likely to be politically conservative than physically weaker men (interestingly, there’s no similar connection between women’s physical strength and their politics. A second study […]

The Secret to a Longer Life? Follow Directions

It seems that there’s a new study out every day proving that eating certain foods (like more veggies and less meat) or doing certain things (like getting enough exercise and sleep) can improve and/or extend your life. Reading—and thinking—are a good first step. But they’re not much unless you actually do something to make some […]