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31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet

Positive Parenting interview with Jesse Itzler, author of Living with a SEAL about spending 31 days living with the toughest man on the planet. It’s an an inspiring, hilarious story of friendship, discovery, fitness, muscle soreness, pushing limits, and the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone.

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Building Children’s Mental Toughness + Living with a SEAL

Positive Parenting interviews with Rob Bell, coauthor of Don’t “Should” on Your Kids, about building your children’s mental toughness and why the old saying that “sports is 90% mental” is 100% wrong.
Also, an interview with Jesse Itzler, author of Living with a SEAL.

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Put Down The Kettlebell, Pick Up A Dirt Bike

The list of high-intensity activities that some men subjugate themselves to in order to burn off calories reads like a list from the Spanish Inquisition. Spinning, rowing, and Pilates all may help you to lose weight, but if...

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Slow Children Playing. Really Slow…

Dear Mr. Dad: There’s a lot of talk about childhood obesity. How do you think that’s going to affect the next generation of athletes? Will we be able to compete on a world stage in the future if today’s kids are so out of shape?...

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