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Bumps and Bruises are Normal

Dear Mr. Dad: I’ve got a six-month-old son who doesn’t sleep very well. As part of my calming-him-down-in-the-middle-of-the-night routine, I walk around the house rocking him. A few nights ago, I lay down on the couch with him...

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It’s All in Your Mind. Well, at Least Some of It

Those of us who work in the health field have long been aware of the connection between mind and body and that your mental health can have a big influence on your physical heath. But there’s been very little research has explored the degree to which …

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A good reason to start taking the elevator

Taking the stairs might be good for your heart, but it might land you in the emergency room. According to a report from KSL radio in Salt Lake City, Utah, every six minutes, a child falls down stairs somewhere in the...

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