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More Deadly Differences: Who’s the Weaker Sex?

When we talk about male-female disparities in lifespan, we’re generally referring to the diseases and conditions that kill adult men and women: cancers, heart attacks, diabetes, and so on. If the discussion health disparities between male and female …

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The Secret to a Longer Life? Follow Directions

It seems that there’s a new study out every day proving that eating certain foods (like more veggies and less meat) or doing certain things (like getting enough exercise and sleep) can improve and/or extend your life. Reading—and thinking—are a g…

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Does 3D Television Work For Everyone?

Before you invest in that 3-D TV technology be aware that 3-D is not for everyone. Between 4 to 10% of the American population have difficulties viewing 3-D televisions.  In this blog, I will attempt to explain in lay terms why that occurs. The eyes w…

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Link Between Glaucoma And Sleep Apnea

Recent studies have shown a connection between obstructive sleep apnea and glaucoma. Glaucoma is not a single eye disease but is a term for several eye conditions that can damage your optic nerve. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of adult blindness…

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