How Much Money Is Enough?

Dear Mr. Dad: Right now, I work fulltime and my wife is home with our twin preschoolers. However, after some discussion, we realized that she’d prefer to be working and I’d rather be home with the kids. Where we run into challenges is that my wife feels she can’t support us on the same financial level we are at now. Does who stays home have to be a financial decision or, assuming we can make ends meet and pay our bills with my wife working and me at home, is there any reason for us not to do that?

A: What an interesting situation. In most families where dad is at home and mom is the primary breadwinner, the decision to reverse traditional gender roles was made because mom earns more than dad. In your case, though, you and your wife are making your decision based purely on what each of you would actually rather be doing. Congrats to both of you for having the courage to even entertain the idea.
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Bad Breath and Erection Problems? Yep.

brush teeth for more sexSound nuts?  Maybe, but it’s true. Men who regularly brush their teeth are less likely to have bad breath and gum disease. And men with gum disease are three times more likely to have erection problems than those with cleaner mouths. (The fact that men with bad breath have more trouble getting dates, which leads to less sex, is a completely separate issue.)

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Suffer from ED, depression, or diabetes? A good night’s sleep might do the trick

If you’ve got sleep apnea, listen up. Three new studies have found a link between sleep apnea–a common but potentially dangerous condition that interrupts nighttime breathing–depression, diabetes, and erectile dysfunctions.

But the good news is that treating sleep apnea symptoms not only will help you sleep better, it may also reduce symptoms of depression and carb cravings, and it’ll improve your sex life too.

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