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The Link Between Autism and Talent + It’s OK to Go up the Slide

Podcast interviews with Joanne Ruthsatz and Kimberly Stephens, coauthors of “The Prodigy’s Cousin.” about the family link between autism and extraordinary talent, and with Heather Shumaker, author of “It’s OK to Go up the Slide,” about her enegade rules for raising confident and creative kids.
Issues: Risk vs. independence; why we need to put safe

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Beyond the Game of Kings

Chess has been around for hundreds of years, and it’s always been associated with intelligence, strategy, and memory. But over the past decade—partly due to the increase in video and smartphone games—the Game of Kings, has lost some of its allure…

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The Art of Parenting

Sometimes looking at a blank piece of paper and being told that you can create anything you want to, just makes you freeze up. The options are limitless, but somehow you can’t think of anything to do. This week we take a look at several art kits that can help parents and kids overcome even […]

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