The Perfect Toys Could Be Just around the Corner–On Neighborhood Toy Store Day

Is it that time of year already? Must be, because I’m already feeling behind on my holiday shopping…  Fortunately, tomorrow, November 10, is Neighborhood Toy Store Day (what? You didn’t know?), which means I can kick off the season and start checking things off my list–without having to brave the crowds at the nearest mall.

What’s so great about Neighborhood Toy Store Day (this is the third annual celebration, by the way)?

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Unexpected benefits of daycare

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are expecting our first and we’re on the fence about whether to hire a nanny or find a childcare center for our son. It would be great to have someone at home to take care of household chores, but our friends say that there are some great advantages—for us as parents—to having our child in daycare too. Is there any truth to this?

A: In a word, yes. While it’s every parent’s dream to come home to a sparkling clean house where the laundry and the toys have been put away and as healthy dinner’s on the table, having a child in daycare offers some definite benefits to parents as well as to kids. In fact, the same day as I got your email, I received a copy of a new book by Mario Small, a Professor in Sociology at the University of Chicago, who has extensively studied a number of these benefits.

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