Diabetes: Effects on Men’s Health

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects your body’s ability to process sugar. The disease occurs in both men and women, and both sexes can experience secondary health risks, such as hypertension, kidney disease, and stroke. However, diabetes can also cause special problems for men, including low testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

Low Testosterone
The American Diabetes Association indicates that men with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to develop low testosterone as those without. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and plays a key role in the function of the male sex organs, and in developing secondary male sexual characteristics like body hair and a deep voice. Although testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, it also has other functions in the body including:

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Who said naps are for babies? Adults need ’em too!

Somewhere along the line we got the idea that taking naps would interrupt sleep cycles–that if you had a little snooze in the middle of that day, you wouldn’t be able to stay asleep at night. Not true, say the experts. In fact, catching some daytime Zs may actually make you smarter.

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