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A Parents’ Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Podcast interview with Joelle Casteix, author of The Well-Armored Child. In this parents’ guide to preventing sexual abuse, we talk about what is child sexual abuse (myths, signs, healthy behavior)? How predators groom children; teaching children to be save without panicking them; the importance of teaching kids the proper biological names for all of their body parts; communicating with your child, from toddler to teen, and much more.

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Could Child Abuse Cause Cancer?

There’s no question that for many children, being abused increases their risk of anxiety, depression, academic and behavioral problems, and other mental health issues. But a researcher at Purdue University (in Indiana) just...

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An important reality check about kidnapping

Amber alerts pop up on freeway signs and interrupt radio and television programming. We hear about Polly Klaas, Adam Walsh, and other children who were kidnapped and murdered. Now it’s Isabel Celis in Tucson,...

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